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Climate Compass
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Climate Compass

Climate change is becoming more tangible by the day, in Belgium as well. Its consequences are increasingly having a negative impact on business processes. For instance, manufacturing companies and industry sometimes have to shut down production due to water or raw material shortages. In addition, the economic crisis and rising energy prices are putting enormous pressure on entrepreneurs. With the help of the climate compass, you can prepare your company for these challenges, mitigate their risks and even explore new opportunities.

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Climate Compass for businesses

With rising energy prices, your business will benefit from concrete plans and actions that make your energy consumption more efficient and sustainable. By focusing on smart renewable energy systems, you will make your business more energy independent and significantly reduce energy costs in the long run. This is not only good for the financial portfolio, but also for the climate. After all, your business activities also have an impact on the climate, and vice versa, climate change brings new risks and opportunities for your company. So you will quickly be on your way to a resilient, but above all sustainable business.

A climate and energy plan?

Our team is focused on guiding you towards long-term strategic investments. These translate into higher energy efficiency, reduce your carbon footprint and limit the negative impact of climate change on your business processes. We always keep the interests of your stakeholders in mind and pay detailed attention to the sustainable growth and reputation of your company.

Why should I invest?

With the 'Green Deal', the European Commission aims to work towards a climate-neutral Europe by 2050. The deal consists of a set of measures that is expanded annually and is even binding on many areas. Currently, quite a few publicly listed companies within the European Union already have to report transparently on the environmental and social impact of their activities. In time, this measure will also be extended to smaller companies. We notice that many stakeholders - including investors, employees and customers - increasingly expect companies to do their bit for the climate goals. Finally, it will increasingly become mandatory to draw up climate plans to qualify for certain subsidies and credits.

Climate Compass
Climate Compass

Prepare your business for the future with our quick scan

With the Climate Compass, we give direction to your transition. Not only do we strengthen your business strategy with a pragmatic climate and energy plan, we also help you with the concrete implementation of the solutions tailored to your business. So do our quick scan now and get a first free pre-advice within three working days!

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Climate Compass

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