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A climate-proof society
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A climate-proof society

The consequences of climate change are increasingly being felt in our region. The higher frequency of extreme weather conditions increases the risk of heat stress, drought, and flooding. Antea Group develops the strategies, plans, and projects, that are needed to limit greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to the global warming that is already happening.

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Limit risks (climate mitigation)

The average temperature is already 1.1°C higher than it was before the pre-industrial era. We must take action now to prevent worse. Based on our purpose, we want to work with you to devise efficient and widely-supported solutions, within your organisation or in your field of expertise. We start from qualitative and scientifically-substantiated advice, on the strategic, technical, and operational level.

Avoid damage (climate adaptation)

Climate warming can give rise to heat stress, flooding, drought, storms, and other effects that may require taking specific risk management measures. We offer sustainable and expert-driven insights to make your projects and organisation more resilient and climate-proof.

A climate-proof society

Addressing the climate challenge presents a golden opportunity to promote prosperity, security and a brighter future for all.

Ban Ki-Moon
UN Secretary General