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Whistleblower report

Antea Group allows employees, clients, partners and suppliers to report suspicions or observations of malpractices and fraud. This reporting point was set up in response to the Belgian Whistleblowers Act, which guarantees the reporting of breaches and the protection of reporters.

Anyone who has information about acts or negligence that are unlawful or violate laws can report it under the whistleblowing policy. This may concern actual or potential breaches, as well as attempts to conceal breaches. There are secure reporting channels for this within and outside Antea Group:

Within Antea Group

You can report a breach, anonymously or not, by surfing to We will always treat your report, your details and those of any witnesses confidentially and impartially.

You will receive confirmation of receipt within seven calendar days. We will then investigate the information you have provided. If a breach is established, action will also be taken. Within three months of receipt, we will inform you of the steps we have taken.

Outside of Antea Group

You can also use the Federal Ombudsman's external reporting channel via this link. You will be protected via this channel in just the same way as people using our internal reporting channel.

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