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CO2 Performance ladder
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CO2 Performance ladder

Duurzaamheid is voor ons geen modewoord. Het zit in alles wat we doen. Van de keuze van ons vervoer tot de fairtrade koffie die we drinken. We werken voortdurend aan onszelf om de wereld te verbeteren. Daarom spannen we ons ook in om de CO2-uitstoot te verminderen. Als instrument voor inventarisatie en certificering gebruiken wij hiervoor de CO2-prestatieladder van de stichting SKAO.

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From mobility to office spaces

With our expertise, we examine our own services and those of our customers. We look at how we can respond even better to climate challenges. In doing so, we look not only at our mobility, but also at our offices and other business locations. We ask ourselves how energy consumption can be further reduced and how we can use more sustainable energy sources.


  1. By 2030, we want to reduce the CO₂-emissions as a result of our activities compared to the 2019 base year:
    1. Scope 1: 80% CO₂-reduction
    2. Scope 2: 100% CO₂-reduction
  2. We also aim to reduce energy consumption from scope 1 activities by 90% by 2030 compared to the 2019 base year.
  3. For business travel, the aim is to replace 10% of short-distance air travel with train travel.

Ongoing actions

  • Energy audits have been conducted at all offices
  • Our carbon footprint has been calculated-to date for 2019, 2020 and 2021
  • We appointed COPRO as auditor for certification. The launch audit took place in early October 2022
  • In early March 2023, we received the Level 3 certificate


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