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Spatial planning
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Spatial planning

Space is a scarce commodity in Belgium, making spatial planning a complex and challenging issue. We have 40 years of practical experience, overseeing various structural planning processes, redevelopment processes and policy studies. We also provide support for local planning processes and regional area development. Our urban and spatial planners guarantee an integrated and supported approach.

Spatial policy plan

With the arrival of multiple codexes in 2017, the cautious transition from structural planning to spatial policy planning was initiated. The passive policy instrument, that all too often only had a controlling/restrictive purpose, was turned into a dynamic plan that creates opportunities. We are convinced that the drafting of these policy plans should be a strategic exercise, rather than a methodical one. The emphasis should be on a well-thought-through selection of key issues, themes, and targeted perspectives for the future and how to achieve these perspectives. We are already undertaking this journey with a number of authorities. Together we play a pioneering role in spatial policy planning.

Spatial implementation plans (Ruimtelijke uitvoeringsplannen, RUP)

Ever since the special development plan (PPA/BPA) was created, we have been drawing up regulatory land use plans and the matching urban development regulations. We continue to be the frontrunner for spatial implementation plans (Ruimtelijke uitvoeringsplannen, RUP) according to the integrated RUP/EIA procedure. Our EIA experts provide support for planning processes on all levels. This often means setting up a co-creative process with stakeholders, advisory bodies, and citizens. These inspiring sessions invariably lead to better results.

Master planning

We think that the coming decades have special challenges in store for us: the additional use of space must be reduced to zero. Instead the new standard will be transformation, infill, densification, and the temporary use of space. Our strength lies in the multidisciplinary composition of our project teams, which means we have in-house expertise in water management, mobility, the environment and infrastructure. An experienced project leader will tie all these ends together, to develop a rock-solid and relevant master plan. We also focus on co-creation and participation with the stakeholders to be involved.

Spatial planning
Spatial planning

Area development and site layout

Whether this concerns the restructuring of existing sites or the development of new ones, in a complex urban context or in the countryside, these projects often provide leverage and a new dynamic. A development never stands alone. It therefore always requires a creative and custom approach. It increasingly also goes hand in hand with solutions for climate adaptation, mobility, greening and the provision of ecosystem services. Antea Group has the knowledge and experience for this, from the initial ideas right up to guidance during the implementation stage. Together with you, we strive to create a healthy, liveable and high-quality city.

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