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Soil surveys and advice
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Soil surveys and advice

Soil protection, soil surveys, investigations into the impact of earthmoving and remediation measures are all required by law. Antea Group offers strategic and innovative solutions to reconcile policy and business interests. Solid working relations at the Brussels, Flemish and Walloon level, a good working knowledge of legislation and procedures and state-of-the-art technical expertise enable us to negotiate a cost-effective strategy.

Soil certificates and advice on transfer plans

Obtaining a soil certificate can often be a complex hurdle in transfer plans. If the government does not have soil quality data in its database, a ‘blank’ soil certificate is issued. However, this certificate is not a guarantee for a safe transfer. The soil survey will have to provide more clarity about this. We always offer advice that is tailored to your specific situation: a desk study, an initial, limiting or exploratory soil survey, a budget estimate, a second opinion, exemption from the obligation to remedy the soil, or legal advice. In short, we help you make strategic choices as part of your transfer plans. Ultimately both the seller and the buyer stand to benefit from a safe transfer.

Soil ecosystem services

Ecosystem services help us solve all kinds of problems, from pollution to global warming. In building thoughtful climate action, they play an essential role. This is because soils have a self-cleaning capacity: as a soil ecosystem service, they purify polluted groundwater, for instance. Moreover, soils harbour enormous biodiversity, they provide the habitat for many organisms and are a huge storage place for CO2. Managing soil as natural capital is what we call 'soil stewardship'. Our experts are happy to guide you towards balanced and sustainable soil management.

Soil contamination: risks and effects

To decide on the need, nature and extent of measures to improve soil quality for humans and ecosystems, Antea Group deploys the most appropriate risk assessment models and tools for human toxicological, ecotoxicological and dispersion risks. We assess risks and optimise remediation values according to the current use of or potential development scenarios for the area. Effects of soil contamination on groundwater actions, such as drainage and/or stormwater infiltration, are evaluated and, where necessary, mitigation measures are formulated.

Water soil quality

Dealing with water soil requires a multidisciplinary approach from our river restoration, sediment transport, surface water, ecologists and soil remediation experts. They advise and guide you in water soil research and policy, technical remediation issues to the restoration of (contaminated) natural areas. Moreover, we guide OVAM, VMM and private developers in remediation and restoration of waterways.

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