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Infrastructure and mobility
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Infrastructure and mobility

Every day, Antea Group devises solutions to a wide range of infrastructural issues. Our professionals provide support for developments in urban mobility, the layout and management of public space and the design of roads, sewers, tram and cycling infrastructure. Challenges and issues pertaining to spatial planning, mobility and the environmental impact are included at an early stage in the design process.

Underground infrastructure

Underground transport is becoming increasingly important for reasons of sustainability, safety and the continuous decrease in available space. We have more than 30 years of engineering experience in the underground transport sector through pipelines (gases and liquids), cables (electricity and telecommunication), heat networks and sewers. Our consultants have helped to develop and expand major networks in Belgium. We can provide support from the design stage to the management of these networks and formulate appropriate recommendations in terms of safety, the environment, spatial planning, earthmoving and permits.

Road infrastructure

The design and management of combined road and sewage works involves a multitude of complex aspects. We assist governments, sewer system operators, private partners, companies and project developers with all aspects of this process. Individual subprocesses must be combined into one full-fledged, finished product. Antea Group coordinates every aspect of your infrastructure projects and ensure that they have widespread support. We specialise in:

  • topographic surveys;
  • hydraulic modelling and the design of sewer and road projects;
  • traffic engineering and mobility;
  • applications for subsidies and permits;
  • safety;
  • and administrative support to principals.

Area development and site layout

Whether this concerns the restructuring of existing sites or the development of new ones, in a complex urban context or in the countryside, these projects often provide leverage and a new dynamic. A development never stands alone. It therefore always requires a creative and customised approach. This type of development is increasingly combined with solutions for climate adaptation, mobility, greening and the provision of ecosystem services. Antea Group has the knowledge and experience for this, from the initial ideas right up to guidance during the implementation stage. Together with you, we strive to create a healthy, liveable and high-quality city.

Infrastructure and mobility
Infrastructure and mobility

Green areas and public space

Each project offers new opportunities to create spatial and social added value and to strengthen a site’s identity, attractiveness and functionality. A creative and integrated approach is crucial for detecting win-wins and taking advantage of opportunities, e.g. in the field of ecosystem services. We focus on co-creation and participation and involve stakeholders in the development of green policy and management plans, tree plans, and specific development plans for sport, recreation, landscape, heritage, nature, water management, etc. Innovative and surprising, but also invariably realistic and technically well-founded.

Mobility studies

New mobility concepts and investments in the right infrastructure can greatly improve urban accessibility. Our team of mobility experts is familiar with the complex regulations and has experience with various types of mobility studies:

  • subsidised projects through cooperation agreements;
  • project subsidies and bicycle fund;
  • mobility impact reports (MOBIA) and mobility chapters in EIA reports;
  • studies regarding parking, feasibility, location, signage and signposting.

We focus on the research question, determine which type of study is appropriate, execute it and interpret the results. We develop a sustainable and realistic approach based on the research result.

Water availability and ecosystem services

We carry out an ecosystem service analysis to study measures that contribute to water infiltration and biodiversity or enhance the landscape experience. Water storage in the event of flooding and water retention to bridge periods of drought are the guiding principle for this. We convert these insights into climate-proof designs for green-blue networks and public space.

We answer any questions that you have about integrated water management. Sustainable water management is a complex and area-specific issue that requires interaction, participation, in-depth knowledge of the area and measurements in addition to an up-to-date toolkit for developing solutions. This can only be achieved by a dynamic team of specialists, based on a multidisciplinary approach.

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