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Privacy and cookie policy
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Privacy and cookie policy

1. Privacy statement

Antea Group is an internationally operating engineering & consultancy firm with clients and clients in a large number of sectors. There are various situations in which your data is collected, stored and processed by Antea Group. For example, you give us personal data when entering into and executing an assignment, when you fill in a contact form on the website, apply to us via e-mail. Further obtain your data from third parties when we search through (public) registers and public sources such as websites in the context of a targeted search.  That is why it is important that you know how we work, what your rights are and how you indicate your wishes. If you have any questions about disagreeing with me somewhere, please  contact the Antea Group Security Officer at

The declaration changes occasionally, for example as a result of legislative changes. We recommend that you periodically reread the statement. This privacy statement was last revised on 17 September 2020.

Purpose for which we process personal data

Execution of agreements with clients

When executing agreements with our clients, it may be necessary for Antea Group to process (or have processed) personal data. This will be done at all times in compliance with laws and regulations.


With our newsletters we keep you informed of our projects and services. You give permission to add your address to the mailing list. You can also unsubscribe via the link at the bottom of each newsletter.

Job applications and recruitment

When you apply to Antea Group from you to register for one of our recruitment activities, we ask you for your personal data via e-mail, the application form on of in (telephone) conversations.

Marketing and business development purposes

In order to maintain and expand our clientele, we can approach you with relevant information, publications of invitations. We also do this to maintain the relationship with our partners, suppliers and other relations.

Participation in our events

To participate in our events, we ask you for your personal data. Here, participation is you will receive information about the event in question and you will be registered.

Access and security

When you visit our offices, your name is noted upon access. This is necessary to be aware of who is in the building in the event of an emergency, and to prevent unauthorized persons from being in the building.

Website of Operation

When you visit our website, we record general data about your visiting and clicking behaviour. Examples of this are your IP address, the time of your visit and the data that your browser sends through the use of cookies, see also: Cookies. We use this data to continuously improve the scope of our website. The data is not shared with third parties.

Social media

On our website you can promote and share buttons with your web pages (like and tweet) on social networks. These buttons work via the code that comes from the social networks. This code places cookies from the respective social network.

Right to lodge a complaint

If you have any questions about complaints about how we handle your personal data, please contact the security guard (contact details at the  bottom). If you do not come to an end with us, you can also submit your complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

How long is the data stored?

We do not store your personal data for longer than is necessary for the purpose for which we collect and record. In addition, specific applies to:

Execution of agreements with clients

We keep the personal data that we receive in our services within projects for as long as necessary for the execution of the agreement in accordance with the instruction of our client, whereby the legal retention periods are claimed in eight words.


You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time. Use the link at the bottom of the newsletter. Your data is always required as stored for the execution of a project, assignment to activity. Unless we have to keep your data longer on legal grounds.

Job applications and recruitment

When submitting your data questions, we have your permission to make your personal data work longer for possible future vacancies. When sending your application, you give permission for this. This is for a maximum of one year in which we delete your data. If you still want to delete data in the meantime, you can do so via a message to

Social media

The buttons of our website can share and promote work on the basis of cookies placed by the relevant social networks. As Antea Group, we have no influence on this. If you want to know more about the processing of your personal data by these social networks, please check the privacy statement of the respective social network.


We continually take technical and organisational measures to prevent abuse, loss, unauthorised access,prevent unwanted disclosure and unauthorized modification of your personal data.


Right of access

You can submit a request to the security officer to view your personal data. If you want access to your personal data linked to a cookie, please send me a copy of the cookie in question. You can find it in the settings of your browser.

Right to change and delete

You have the right to submit a request to change the deletion of your personal data. This request may be submitted to the security officer. To prevent abuse, we can ask you for an identification.

Right to rectification

You have the right to submit a request for rectification of your personal data to the extent that it provide additional information if it is incomplete.

Right to restriction

You have the right to submit a request to limit the use of your personal data. When granting that request, we will not further process the period of restriction of your personal data.

Right to object

You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data. In that case, we will weigh your privacy interests against our interest in processing the data, and on that basis decide to no longer process the data.

Grounds for processing

Antea Group processes personal data on the basis of various principles of the GDPR:

  • On the basis of legitimate interest. For example, for attracting new employees and the provision of services of Antea Group products;
  • For the execution of an agreement. Without this data, we can use the relevant service do not deliver;
  • With your permission. Your e-mail address is required to receive the newsletter out of 10000

Antea Group reserves the right to process the data when required by law, or when Antea Group deems this justified to comply with a legal request /process of protecting the rights, owned by the security of Antea Group. We always have your right to privacy as much as possible.

When do we share data with third parties?

Sometimes it is necessary that we share your data with third parties, for example to third-party suppliers who engage us for processing as described in this privacy statement, such as our ICT suppliers of a translation agency, of parties involved in hosting the organization of our events, of google analytics need ten improvements to our website.

These third parties are independently responsible for the processing of that data and for the compliance with the GDPR. When the third party acts on our behalf on the basis of instructions, we conclude a processing agreement with that third party that meets the requirements of the GDPR. If we process your data outside the European Economic Area, we will only do so with parties that are part of the Privacy Shield otherwise on the basis of the standard EU contractual clauses.


Do you have any questions about your personal data at Antea Group? Please contact the Security Officer, this can be done by e-mail:

2. Cookies

A cookie is a small file that our website and/or flash applications send along during your visit. Your own browser stores these cookies. The next time you visit our website, your browser will send the stored information back to us as our website recognizes you from the last time.

Functional and analytical cookies are placed with every visit without permission being required. The use of the Social Media buttons depends on the privacy statement and the cookie policy of the respective social  network. The purpose  of third-party cookies is only placed if you give permission for it.

Delete the cookies that are placed via the settings of your browser. You can also withdraw previously issued consent.

Functional and Analytical Cookies

Functional cookies ensure that our website functions properly and you can easily make the site. In order to track and improve the content and use of our website, we collect the surfing behaviour of our website visitors and use these cookies. We do this with Google Analytics in line with the guidelines of the personal data authority. We have concluded a processing agreement with Google, your IP address is anonymized and we do not share the data with Google.

Social media

The buttons of our website can share and promote work on the basis of cookies placed by the relevant social networks. As Antea Group, we have no influence on this. If you want to know more about the processing of your personal data by these social networks, please check the privacy statement of the respective social network.

Targeting cookies

If you accept cookies via the banner, we use third-party cookies, for example, we use cookies from Google AdWords. With this, we also measure the effectiveness of our AdWords ads at Google. If you want to know more, check out  google adwords' privacy policy.  Antea Group has no influence on their privacy policy.

3. Responsible disclosure

Antea Group uses the principle 'Responsible disclosure'. This means that if you are responsibly bent with found vulnerability to deal with, Antea Group will argue against that. Refraining from connecting legal consequences and the reporting person for reporting the (suspected) security problem. Antea Group makes the notification using the following guidelines:

  • Report findings about a (suspected) security issue by sending an email to;
  • Report a (suspected) security issue as soon as possible after discovery;
  • Provide sufficient information (description, IP address(s), URL, log(s), screenshot(s), etc.) Antea Group can quickly and effectively resolve the (suspected) security issue;
  • Leave contact details so that Antea Group can contact us to collaborate on a safe result;
  • Do not use attacks on physical security, social hacking, spam, placing malware, copying, modifying data deletion in a system, repeated access to the system gaining access sharing with others, etc.
  • Do not share information about the (suspected) security issue with others;
  • Do not (actively) exploit the (suspected) security issue.
    After receiving a notification, Antea Group will take action as soon as possible and contact the reporting person. Antea Group tries to solve any problems as soon as possible.

4. Disclaimer

No rights can be derived from the information on this website, from any link to third-party websites from other external sources. Antea Group accepts no liability whatsoever for the content of this site and the information provided on it. The information contained in documents on this antea Group website is intended exclusively for the addressee(s) and enthusiastic person of confidential information. Use of this information, by persons other than the addressee(s) and use by those who are not entitled to take note of this information, is not permitted. The information is only best to be used by the addressee, for the purpose for which it was manufactured. If you are not the addressee of a non-entitled tendency to become aware, disclosure, multiplication, dissemination and/or disclosure of this information to  third parties is not permitted, unless after written permission by Antea Group and you speak to delete the data and report it directly to Third parties, those who are not addressed, cannot derive any rights from the documents, unless after written permission by Antea Group.

5. Copyright

Antea Group or the rightholder respectively retains all rights (including copyrights) with its revocation of information presented on the site. It is not permitted to make too much of it available to any third party in any way without the further express written permission of Antea Group.

The visitor is only authorized to use the website and mobile services of a dozen of the Antea Group website and (any) mobile services and to reproduce the information originating therefrom for strictly personal use by printing it from download to a storage medium. The visitor of a third party may not, other than by means of a hyperlink, without the prior written permission of Antea Group, a link, deep link of gateway between the  Antea Group website and mobile services and any other (internet) website, (meta) search engine of computer network.

6. Questions?

Do you have questions about antea Group's privacy and cookie policy? Please contact the Security Officer, this can be done by e-mail: