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An increase in the atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases produce a climate changing effect, with global and local consequences. We must therefore focus on avoiding additional emissions (mitigation) in addition to taking action to adapt to the effects of climate change (adaptation). Antea Group turns your climate challenges into opportunities, with qualitative and science-based advice, at the strategic, technical and operational level.

Climate plan

Periods of prolonged drought, the number of heat waves or extreme rain and the intensity of showers have increased sharply as a result of climate change. Combined with the increase use of space and paved surfaces, this only increases the risk of flooding and heat stress. As a result, our living environment is becoming more and more vulnerable. We offer an integrated approach to arrive at a climate-adaptive design.

Adaptation strategy

To gain an insight into the consequences of climate change, you must identify vulnerabilities and opportunities for your region. We help you oversee this process and provide a clear visualisation of the problem that you are focussing on. Organising climate dialogues is the next step. We develop a co-creation process with you, to achieve solutions that have everyone’s support, working with area managers and participation experts. We apply an integrated approach, based on the quadruple helix model, transposing the results into a governance structure, up to and including the integration in your spatial policy or rainwater plan or SECAP reporting in the framework of the Covenant of Mayors.


Sustainability management

We provide support for the development of sustainability management within your organisation, from the strategic to the tactical and operational level. This includes choosing an ambition level, selecting objectives and transposing these into action plans or an an implementation policy to achieve these objectives. We do this both for companies and municipalities, with knowledge and ambition sessions, various analyses, reporting, and the application of specific methods and tooling. We always start from systems thinking, connection and cooperation.

Green-blue networks

Climate adaptation is not just limited to ambitious plans and strategies. Above all, it requires expert implementation in the field. We calculate the gains in terms of ecosystem services and specify the contribution in terms of water infiltration, biodiversity or landscape experience. We convert this into climate-proof designs for green-blue networks and public space.

Flood and drought risk management

The risk of flooding and drought is set to further increase in the future due to climate change. We map the vulnerability and risks for your municipality or project under various scenarios. We then use this knowledge to formulate recommendations that can be used to arrive at a decision and develop policy frameworks, risk management plans, and smart solutions.

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