At the beginning of this year, we proudly launched Flow 2.0, our renewed and improved well-being programme that focuses entirely on the physical and mental health of our Anteans. To realise this programme, we collaborated with Springbok Coaching, a specialised coaching agency focusing on well-being in the workplace. Thanks to this collaboration, we have been awarded as a Whealthy Workplace. Together, we look back on the whole process.

Whealthy Workplace in 5 steps

At Antea Group, we consider it extremely important to create and maintain a healthy working environment. That is why we have set up our well-being programme, Flow 2.0, in close cooperation with Springbok Coaching. Through various workshops and trajectories, we emphasise well-being at work and aim to create a supportive working environment. Springbok created a video in which we discuss the 5 essential steps to a Whealthy Workplace. These steps form the core of our programme and demonstrate how we have committed to improving the well-being of our employees.

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You can only develop your skills, all your talents, when you are doing well.

Jan Parys
CEO Antea Group Belgium