The "Green Deal Climate Resilient Environment" focuses on creating a resilient and sustainable living environment, resilient to the impact of extreme weather events. The initiative provides a platform for cooperation and knowledge exchange to jointly address the challenges of climate change, biodiversity and well-being. The kick-off on 18 January 2024 marked the beginning of this ambitious collaboration.

Together for climate-proof projects and sustainable urban development

The deal addresses, among others, four crucial challenges: extreme heat, precipitation, drought and rising sea levels. ORI, as a partner in this Green Deal, is taking a leading role as a co-founder of the focus group Climate Resilient Infrastructure, together with MOW. ORI's task is to mobilise engineering firms around the issues addressed in this Green Deal. Jan Parys, chairman of ORI and CEO of Antea Group Belgium, attended the kick-off of this Green Deal and put his personal signature to the agreement.

At Antea Group Belgium, we are excited to take this important step towards a resilient future. The Green Deal climate-resilient environment is a joint effort to take action and bring about positive changes in our living environment.