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Innovation at Antea Group
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Innovation at Antea Group

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Innovation is part of our DNA

The world is facing major environmental and social problems. It motivates us to want to make a difference. Through continuous process optimisation, we help to fulfill their dreams and ambitions in the best way we can. And by looking for new ideas and technologies, we’re able to tackle and anticipate challenges in the future. This is how we guide clients to smart and relevant solutions that not only benefit them but also our environment. That’s what drives us.

"In order to remain relevant in our field, we need to focus on innovation."

Patrick Verdonck, Manager Business Development & Innovation:

In order to remain relevant in our field, we need to focus on innovation. It’s not just about coming up with new products, services or revenue models, but also about optimising existing processes. If Antea Group manages to perpetually improve, we can also continue to create added value for our customers. That’s what builds long-term sustainable partnerships that can change the world.

Innovation at Antea Group

By investing heavily in innovation, we anticipate the questions of tomorrow and provide answers for the future.

Jan Parys
General Director at Antea Group Belgium

Our innovation platform

We invest heavily in Research & Development and with our internal innovation platform we pilot research projects every year. Antea Group rewards the best ideas with our own Innovation Awards. Out of 89 submissions from all over the group, our ‘Energy Transition Toolbox’ won the award in 2019. The toolbox calculates the optimal configuration of an energy production system and network for a specific area. This makes it the ideal catalyst for local energy communities and the move towards a climate-proof society. Today, digitisation plays a key role in our research programmes in order to prepare ourselves for future challenges.

Groundbreaking partnerships

We want to be the best engineering and consultancy partner for our clients. That’s why innovation is central to our approach. The Innovation Hub is the heart of our test and development center. Here, together with clients and knowledge institutions, Antea Group subsidiaries work on new products, digital services, and data-driven concepts in the fields of water, infrastructure, spatial planning and the environment. In Belgium, too, we help shape (international) research programs thanks to close collaboration with universities, colleges and students.

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