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Our society is continually changing and techniques and technology are evolving in step with it. At Antea Group, innovation is a priority. Wherever we go, whatever we do, our engineers always think ahead, together with the customer. Whether this involves making smarter use of data, automating our processes or inventing new concepts.

AI/machine learning

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning… For us, they're more than just buzzwords. Using data-driven applications, our experts will help you detect, diagnose, predict and solve problems with high efficiency. Whether it's an administrative, commercial or industrial application you require, we'll always recommend advanced solutions tailored to your needs.

Data-driven design

Developing data solutions requires both an understanding of IT and data, as well as knowledge of what your organisation does. Connecting these three is what we do. And thanks to our experience in working closely with governments and organisations, we can support you on a wide array of themes – ranging from green management, energy solutions to urban development and infrastructure. By linking that know-how to IT and data knowledge, we work with you to make smart policy choices, data-driven plans and predictive models.

Data science

Data offers unprecedented opportunities to organise, develop and manage our world in a smarter way. But how do you apply data successfully in organisations, programmes or projects? And how do you get maximum value from your data? We support you in collecting, analysing and applying data in your projects. Our data and subject matter experts will work closely together to develop a suitable approach for your problem. We explore the data at hand and offer solutions for data that still needs to be collected, e.g. sensors. For new data sets we'll develop user-friendly GIS viewers and dashboards, such as GIS datasoil platform, flood predictors, monitoring, ...

Smart design & BIM

BIM is a powerful tool that provides more insight and fewer design errors, in all phases of the design. With collision software we check whether we've forgotten anything, if ratios are correct, and avoid discussions. We bring focus by detecting crucial pain points within complex projects on time. More insight also helps us to create more support for the designs we make, which is our main goal. Relatics allows us to plan and work risk-based.

Curious about what we could do for you? Let's get in touch! We're happy to talk about tools and techniques, or how we've taken a step towards Virtual 4D engineering in the Netherlands,...