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In today’s society and work environment, people are increasingly confronted with a multitude of regulations and an extension of liability. The various safety aspects must always be examined in detail, whether you are designing a new building, installation or production process.

Antea Group provides support to companies and governments within the wide scope of safety. Our experts manage all safety aspects and develop a pragmatic approach that is tailored to the customer. As a multidisciplinary consultancy, we can provide support to you during every phase of your project.

Safety for companies

We assist various small and large companies with a multitude of safety-related tasks such as

  • performing risk analyses; 
  • drawing up the emergency plan and the evacuation plan;
  • drawing up an explosion safety document;
  • support for the commissioning of machines;
  • developing and providing support for a safety management system (VCA, OHSAS);
  • etc.

Our (level 1 and 2) safety engineers can provide further support within the various areas of safety expertise.

Fire safety

The importance of fire safety cannot be underestimated. Recent - legislative and technological - developments have definitely also contributed to this. Our experts offer guidance and advice on all matters relating to fire safety, including the layout of sites and buildings, the use of materials, and fire-fighting. They use their expertise to study fire safety, paying attention to the consequences of everyone involved. As such, our aim is to meaningfully improve (fire) safety, in an independent and objective way. We provide support for:

  • Calculation of fire load
  • Fire risk analysis
  • Fire safety audit
  • Derogation request Royal Decree basic fire prevention standards
  • Development of a fire safety concept

Environmental safety

Experience has shown that there are dangerous substances on many company sites. Incidents with these substances can have consequences for the health and safety of your employees as well as for the environment. The do’s and don’ts of fuel storage are described at length in environmental legislation. Our safety experts have extensive experience transposing this complex legislation to your specific situation. They can provide guidance for safe storage. This benefits both employee safety and well-being and the environment. Our experts provide support for:

  • Safety report Seveso-Cooperation Agreement (SWA-VR)
  • Environmental safety report
  • Safety study
  • Spatial safety report

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